Great Tips for Bridal Photography, Country Club, Rustic Barn Wedding or Backyard Casual Wedding Photography

It is your day and you want to look your best for the wedding photo shoot.

Here is some helpful tips for the bride and the bridal party to take some stress off the day.  looking for a wedding Photographer New Hampshire Valerie Zdrada

dressing*** Energy and feeling good: Please don't skip meals and get dehydrated, make sure to get rest and sleep the day before (if possible). wedding dressHave extra water bottles handy, Gatorade, and Pedialyte and snacks. Dehydration can be serious especially in the very hot summer months.

*** Hair and Makeup: look like you and don't wilt. smuge proof your makeup and lipstick, and water proof your eyes; have a makeup bag handy during the photo shoot. Wondering about the timing ?? me too ! Tell your hair dresser and makup artist what time you want to be done, often you can be running late because enough time was not factored in. Allow an hour for pre-ceremony photography and final primping, everyone in the bridal party should be dressed and camera ready. if possible put personal items away...

*** Dress management: get the wrinkles out ! know your laces, clasps, bustle attachments etc. have scissors, and safety pins handy allow extra time if it is a tight squeeze. Wedding gown photo

Atkinson Country Club Wedding photographySo, the maid of honor recently shared a tip for bustling your beautiful gown.... When they went to the final fitting she videoed the instructions for bustling, What a great idea !


If done correctly the draping of the gown will provide you with easy manuvering and dancing for a fun fill wedding party.



kids in wedding photos

Wedding photos with kids
I love kids and taking their photos at a wedding, they can be so very cute. To keep them cute and coopertive here are a few helpful tips. Consider a person to take care of their needs, besides the bride or the bridesmaids. Bribes work well for kids 5 and up, younger children will need attention, food, candy drinks, diapers... and what works for them.


If younger children are in the bridal party, they are just going to do the best they can under the circumstances. During the reception, games, toys and a little planning will be helpful.


And many parents have thought of sending the young ones home with a sitter so that they can enjoy and adult evening. There is a lot going on.... and the less stress the better.

*** Deligate some responsibility to the maid of honor and other brides maids to help with flowers, cold drinks, adjusting dresses etc....

*** Smile !

*** Stand up straight, yes, tighten your core, suck it in. Posture is important, poor posture can add ten pounds

*** Pose with some swager and sass ! Create a curvey and dynamic stance by angling your shoulders at 45* and pointing your nose to the camera, pop a hip have your beautiful butt be further away from the camera, and your pretty face closer.

pop of color in bouquet

*** Pop of color in your bridal bouquet ! white on white not enough contrast, a white dress with beautiful colorful colors and textures will add drama and interest to your photos and reflect the season.


*** Bridal bouquets should be positioned at your belly button, this creates a longer torso and will show off more of your beautiful dressJUST MARRIED

*** Have fun ! As the photographer I always encourage some playful moments and you don't even have to be directly looking at the camera but just interacting spontainously, twirl the dress, kiss the neck, make a face (oops!), pretend to dance

*** Remember to look for the photographer during the first dance, pause and give them the shot then continue the lip lock.

*** Communicate well in the pre-wedding photography consult especially if there is a gotta have moment or gotta have family photo, who are those people? Really who are those people, create a list of the family shots you need so they don't sneak off to powder their nose when it is time for the pictures.


+*+* SEATING FOR THE CEREMONY need I say, people are habitually late, weather, weekend travel, snow storm etc.. SEATING SHOULD BE 15 minutes before the ceremony. plan to be on time!

***Deligate to a family member to round up the group if needed. No short people are allowed the stand in the back or the group photo !

*** All of the above ( with some exceptions) GOES FOR THE GROOM AS WELL ~!!!!!

just added...

*** Cell phone use, it is up to the bride and groom to tell the wedding co-ordinator YOUR preferences for cell phones, especially during the ceremony and intimate moments. The wedding co-ordinator usually makes and announcement or posts a sign "please turn your phones off". During the professional portrait photo session with the bridal party and for formal poses, there is only one photographer and that's the one you are paying. Too often someone will a cell phone provides a distraction that can ruin the photo, the eyes should be on the photographer and no one else. A specific timeline is laid out for photos so that the recepition and dinner can start on time. At the reception cell phones are fun and great for selfies with friends.

Let the professional do the photography, I will take care of you. No worries, BE HAPPY !!!! ~ all the best, ~~~~~Valerie