FAQ-- The answers to a Great Senior Portrait

Senior portrait yearbook photoSimple non-distracting colors and simple patterns are typically best. Guys look great in an open collared dress shirt or a new polo shirt. Light colors bring out your features, earth tones work well for outdoor photos. Girls look great in any nice top that is not too fancy. Typically a portrait is from the waist up and the yearbook photo is a tighter crop. Sometimes additional poses will include a full length pose so, shorts, pants, skirts wear what essentially matches your outfit. It is great to have several choices especially for the 8 proof folio !

Portraits are about you - not the clothes you're wearing. Bring a few changes from casual to formal make sure that you are happy and comfortable wearing them. For casual poses denim jeans, Kakis, shorts polo shirts a t-shirt are fine. Long sleeved shirts photograph better.

You might compromise. Bring a couple outfits you like and one or two your parents like.

Dressing in layers allows for more variation, you can take your outer shirt off or unbutton it for a different look.hair image Muscular arms and broad shoulders, it's great to be in shape and summer fashions can show more than you want, especially for the young ladies, consider an outfit with 3/4 length sleeves or long sleeves. Watch out for low cut tops, bra straps and under garments can be seen in different poses.

It is best to try on your outfits before you come to the shoot and check out how well the clothes fit and how much they reveal.

If you bring formal wear, don't forget the shoes and appropriate socks. Casual poses often work well in sandals or bare feet. No need for 6" hi heels shoes.

This is typically not the best time to try a new hair style! Go with your normal style, something you're comfortable with. Don't forget a comb or brush and maybe some hair product just in case. Don’t wash your hair right before the session, typically the day before is best for natural oils to help your hair shine and stop fly- away hair. Of course you may want to bring some hair accessories to change it up a bit between poses.

Ladies, wear your usual make-up. Lips stick, eyeliner, and blush enhance portraits but should not be overdone and use a blemish cover up to help if you are having a breakout. Don’t use an oily night-time makeup. Bathing suit strap marks or tan lines will show, so tan evenly and avoid the sun for at least two days before your portrait session. Your hair style should not cover your eyes.  

Clean off old nail polish or GET A MANICURE your hands show in photos.

Men, I suggest facial hair be neatly trimmed. Hair cut 2 weeks before your session. Shadows and shaggy beards tend to be intensified in photographs. You should be clean shaven with hair neatly combed or styled. Your shirt must be able to button and close at the neck. Wash your face to remove any excess oil, use a blemish cover up to help if you are having a breakout and most important don't forget your class ring.

Do you participate in a sport or activity? Bring your helmet, jersey, a football, saxophone, musical instrument, cheerleading uniform or other appropriate gear. Your activities are no doubt a big part of your senior year, so be sure to make it part of your senior portraits. BUT PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE PORTRAIT THAT YOU CHOOSE FOR THE YEARBOOK DOES NOT ALLOW PROPS !

Don’t wait till the last minute to plan your outfits! If you do, Murphy’s Law says that what you want to wear will be rolled up in a ball at the bottom of your dirty clothes pile. Even if you wouldn’t normally iron a particular shirt or outfit – iron it for your photo session! The wrinkles that look fine in person don’t look good in a photo. If you are trying to decide between two outfits, go with the less trendy look. The classics are classics for a reason. (Besides, your teenage kids will see this picture someday…)

Be sure that you bring all the accessories you need for each outfit – the right shoes, socks, belt, jewelry – whatever! Girls – feel free to bring what you might need to freshen up your hair and makeup, particularly between your outdoor and indoor sessions.

RETAKES- If there is a problem with regards to the technical quality of the photograph, that cannot be edited, we will retake and no charge. If there is a problem with your hair, the clothes you have chosen to wear, your makeup or a personal dissatisfaction with a personal atribute, ie: you do not like your nose, cheeks or any particular body part then there is a $45 fee for retakes. So please make sure that your are happy with your clothes and hairstyle for your portrait session.

Now that you’ve given a little thought to making sure you are all ready for your portrait session comes the last but most important thing You’ll look great, so relax and have fun!
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